The Beginning of The SN Mart
The Ishibashi family emigrated from Tokyo to Yamagata in January 28.
There are two purposes.



The first isliving in the country with a family
My son is in the fourth grade of elementary school.(Heisei 30 years)。
Both the family had decided for a long time to get in touch with nature and grow up in nature.
It touches the soil, and it moves freely.
Work, private.It's the best luxury to do with your family.I think.



The second isFood and FoodIs.
I have been involved in the food and beverage industry in Osaka and Tokyo for about 15 years.
I also tried to open my own shop.
However, as a person involved in food, most of them do not know agriculture [primary industry] but also knowledge of the ingredients and the reality of how they actually grow and grow up.
Furthermore, i can't help but feel that there is too much of a gap between producers and consumers, and that they are forgetting the joy and appreciation of the ingredients of today's time.
And, it was felt that the attention to be done was felt in the individual [family] and the food and beverage industry.

So, what I've always wanted to do!
I want to experience the distribution of true ingredients by myself and connect them!We discussed the timing of this project with our family in Yamagata, and decided to move to Japan, and we decided to feel the network of ingredients firsthand.

Safety and security are also the themes of today's world.
However, only a handful of people move on and confirm it.
Then I move myself, and first of all, yamagata's best food! And with peace of mind, I decided to go and meet something delicious.

And this time, in my family"Seasonal Station SN Mart YAMAGATA"we decided to communicate the most fortunate ingredients with only individual consumers and restaurants♪

Why?! The reason is that the story to the message, the joy, and the ingredients can be heard directly. There is nothing so pleased with producers and consumers♪
And we will continue to evolve, attract new producers and encounters with delicious ingredients from seasonal ingredients, and deliver you the most delicious ingredients and the peace of mind and joy of the most.

Come and feel! The soul of the seasonal station SN Mart, where sincere hearts, smiles and joy are connected.
In the near future, sure! We will find the most fortunate ingredients in japan.
Please look forward to it!

Family Introduction
What do you want to do in the future?

(1) To meet the most fortunate producer son of food in Yamagata and other countries.
It is not only to meet, but also to connect the producers and ingredients that we have met.
(I want to be involved with the most fortunate producers for the rest of my life! I want to share it with producers! For, it is a companion who fits the spirit.)

(2) Teppanyaki shop and yoga collaboration shop [shared dream with wife]
One of my dreams! The best ingredients from the producers you can meet, ♪ show off on iron plate, the soul of your friends is connected to the ingredients, teppanyaki shop to feel love and gratitude from the food ♪
(Okonomiyaki to tighten It's Osaka, so I ate more than 100 restaurants in Kansai because I ♪ and I love it too much.)
Yoga is created because wife is an instructor, so it is a shop that combines the health of the mind and body from the health of the mind and body.

(3) Travel food.
Not in Japan, but to eat and walk abroad.

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